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Clear Guard Protection

  • Protect your investment. You have worked hard for it.
  • Clear bras are not just for high end cars or for car enthusiasts.
  • Damaged paint reduces the value of your vehicle.
  • During every day driving, you subject the frontal portion of your vehicle to all kinds of “Micro-Grit”, stones and bugs. “Micro-Grit” is like airborne sand paper on a paint job causing ultra-fine scratches.
  • This “Micro-Grit” can dull a paint’s finish. Stones as small as a 1/4-inch in size can also chip paint down to the primer.
  • “Airborne fall-out” (known as acid rain), and soot from air pollutants also destroy paint finishes. Bugs stick to paint and stain the surface leaving an acidic mark in the clear coat. Todays paint finish is much more vulnerable to chips, scratches and stains than ever before.

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