“Being from Southern California, my desire to have a highly detailed car is always at the forefront of my priorities. Since moving to the bay, I searched for two years before finding Auto Sport Detailing. Since finding them, I have brought my X5, C63S, and GLC 63 in for paint correction, pain sealant, wax, and the occasional wash. Their attention to detail is far above competitors. Auto Sport Detailing always provides recommendations for protecting my car’s paint and consistently suggests detailing procedures that keeps my car looking better than the showroom car at the dealership. There is no comparison. Auto Sport Detailing delivers above expectations even when I have limited time and am in a hurry. Whether I need my car ready for a date night, weekend road trip, or the occasional drive to the city for dinner, I always schedule a stop at Auto Sport Detailing. I highly suggest this business and trust them completely with my fleet.”

Nick Bolen

“I owe everything to this place I called them so frantic this morning because I had coffee spill in my car on my way to work. I spoke to Quinn on the phone and he was super nice. He stated to bring the car in and they will tale care of it. Thank God because other places I called said I would have to schedule an appointment. I brought my car in and Quinn was so nice he got some information and I was on my way. I picked my car up later on in the day and my car was cleaned very good and he walked me through what he did to clean my car. I will definitely be back because of this type of service I got.”

Justin Lynch

“Dropped off my brand new aluminum wheels to have ceramic coated before installing them on the vehicle. Great price, quick turn around. I love the outcome, mud, dirt, and brake dust rinse off without touching the wheel with soap and a wash mit.”

Kyle Herlihy

‘There’s nothing like picking your car up after a fresh detail job at Auto Sport! Their work is impeccable. I appreciate their extreme attention to detail and consistency. We have been taking our cars to Auto Sport for over 15 years and they continually do a wonderful job. Thank you, Auto Sport, for taking such great care of our cars over the years! You rock 💯”

Alyssa Saviano

“Auto Sport Detailing really went the extra mile for me. They did a ceramic coating on my car, and like a good paint job, the key to a great looking ceramic coating is the prep work. They put in the time and did the prep right, and the result was fantastic. They were also professional and a pleasure to work with. Highly recommended.”

Aaron Groves

“My car looks better than the day I got it. Awesome place.”

Avery Lennon

“Quinn and his crew are very professional, detail oriented with the work they do. Auto Sport Detail has done everyone of my vehicles and toys. All from my work truck, boat , RV, harley and my wife’s car. Would not use anyone else. Highly recommended.”

Ean Coyle

“I recently had my car detailed Auto sport Detailers and I could not be happier with the result! The job was comprehensive and done to a very high standard. The interior was deep cleaned and detailed, the exterior was polished and waxed to perfection and the engine was thoroughly cleaned and polished. The staff was friendly, helpful and very professional. The total price was very reasonable, and I would definitely recommend Auto Sport Detailing to anyone looking for a high quality car detailing service.”

Patrick Naredo

“My family has been going to Auto Sport Detailing for over 20 years. They have always done a great job on our boat and cars.”

Chris Ratliff

“Auto Sport Detailing was awesome! Like getting a brand new car. My car is a 2010 Toyota Highlander. It was used for many field trips, vacations, and sports competitions as well as the normal day-to-day stuff. Where the kids decided it would be a good idea to have an applesauce fight, and with eating snacks and lunches, beaches, hiking, mud,… So you can only imagine the stains and grime. And although I would wash it and vacuum. I could never get it clean enough. Not to mention my headlights had this thick yellow stuff on it. I had always wished to get my car detailed but never did it. My hope was that it’d look pretty good. That it would feel a little bit cleaner. I wasn’t expecting it to look and feel so incredible! I was astonished. I could tell as soon as they brought it out that it looked different from the outside and then looking inside Wow! My headlights are so much brighter. My carpets looked brand new. The dents and scrapes were gone. Everything inside looked polish and new. They got the stains off the ceiling, which I thought for sure couldn’t happen. Everyone was so friendly and helpful. They even stayed late to make sure I could get it that day, which I truly appreciated. It was well worth the money and am looking forward to having it done again. I can’t say enough but thank you!”

Kathleen L

“Quinn went above and beyond getting my soft top cleaned, conditioned and waterproof. Treated it twice (one at no charge) to get it right. He’s a professional, and I’m very fortunate to have found him and his crew (which were just as professional). I also had them detail my interior (’06 Miata) and it was a meticulousLu thorough. They’ve certainly won me over.”

Eric J

“I have a 2010 Red VW Bug with white seats! I had my trunk fixed and they left my seat greasy! So I was looking for a place to have them cleaned! THIS IS THE PLACE! What a fabulous Job they did inside and out! Absolutely beautiful! my car looks brand new! I highly recommend them! Great customer service too”

Darlette C

“Top notch shop for any detailing needs you may have. Including I am not one to typically get my cars detailed But these guys far exceeded my expectations!! I didn’t think my dirty moto van could get that clean! They take great pride in there work and it shows.”

Jeff C

“I love my GT350 and I would only take it somewhere I completely trust. I trust Quinn and his team and they never disappoint! My car looks absolutely stunning and they did a wonderful job taking care of the 2 problems my car is known for the insane brake dust on my wheels and the soot on the tailpipes. I love that Quinn remembers me, my wife, and our cars and we can always count on Auto Sports Detailing to do an excellent job. The Essence package met all my needs and I would recommend Auto Sport to anyone. We will be bringing both our cars in the future to have full paint correction and ceramic paint coating done because we know they’ll do the job beautifully. Thank you!”

Nick B

“I have been a loyal customer of Auto Sport Detailing for years and I can confidently say that they are the best automotive detailers in Sonoma County. Their team is knowledgeable, friendly, and always goes above and beyond to ensure that my vehicles are looking fresh and in top condition.Over the years, I have trusted them with everything from a basic wash and wax to more advanced detailing services, and they have never disappointed. Their attention to detail is unmatched, and they always take the time to explain the process and answer any questions I have. The interior of my car always looks and smells brand new after a visit to Auto Sport Detailing. They pay special attention to cleaning every nook and cranny, and leave it looking like it came off of the showroom floor.I highly recommend Auto Sport Detailing to anyone looking for top-notch automotive detailing services. Their prices are competitive and their work is outstanding. I will continue to be a loyal customer for years to come.”

Casey M

“I just received my car back from Quinn and his team. Quinn was very professional and has deep subject matter expertise in paint care and detailing. I had left my Carbon Black X5 M outdoors this summer at a beach house and the salt and sand had done a number on the paint, with visible paint swirls on the black paint. We did a stage 2 paint correction and the swirls have been successfully removed. We also, after discussion, changed the ceramic coating on the car and I must say, it looks fantastic. The interior detail was also really good. Fantastic job Quinn and thank you.”

Philip S

“We took our 2015 Ram 4 door pick-up in today for a platinum detail. The truck was filthy and covered in tar. They used a solvent to clean the tar off the paint, clay bar on the paint and glass then a finishing polish and paint sealant. They polished the chrome and touched up the scratches. The truck looks just like new, if not better!! These guys are the best!”

Mary Helen H

“I had some major scratches from wild turkeys on my new car. After talking with a family friend who has been in the automotive painting industry for nearly 25 years he suggested taking it to Auto Sport Detailing to have it fixed. These guys did a phenomenal over the top job. My car actually looked better than when I bought it new. Clean and fresh inside out. And they did it in a reasonable amount of time. I would highly recommend them to anyone! Thanks guys!”

Jason M

“Quinn and the crew at Auto Sport Detailing are second to none when it comes to the craft of detailing. I bought a black Centurion boat from a friend and it was heavily oxidized and neglected by the previous owner. They brought the finish back to like new and it felt like I had bought a brand new boat. Now that it looks so good the previous owner wants to buy it back! I work with exotic super cars as well, and there is nobody else I would trust to detail them. Nothing but amazing results every time. Some of the transformations I have seen are nothing short of miraculous.”

Matt Q

“Hands down the best detail shop in all of California in my opinion!! Quinn is a perfectionist and a true professional. Not only is he a great business owner, but great leader as well. Stop in anytime and I guarantee you will see him polishing cars or cleaning windows right there with his employees. The quality of work is absolutely perfect. My father had to have half of his lung taken out in April, during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Quinn took the car I would be driving him to and from the hospital in, and completely sanitized it utilizing a high end ozone treatment that is proven to kill all coronavirus strains.Auto sport detailing also got my 2017 GMC Denali (see photos on their google page) cleaner than I ever thought a truck could be. 10/10 I highly recommend Auto sport detailing whether you need a standard wash, or a full paint correction/scratch removal/ceramic coat, Auto Sport Detailing is the #1 place to go!”

Dan B