Aftercare Instructions

Aftercare Recommendations

  • Hand washing your vehicle is the preferred cleaning method.
  • Hand wash your vehicle every two-three weeks rain or shine. Touch-less Car Washes – We prefer a true hand washing of your vehicle, however, if you choose to utilize a car wash service make sure it is a touch-less service (no spinning or agitating brushes). Brushes are known to damage the painted surfaces of your vehicle.
  • Hand wash and express services are available at Auto Sport Detailing for bi-weekly or monthly maintenance cleaning.
Step 1: Select a shady spot and make sure the painted surface of your vehicle is cool to the touch.
Step 2: Start with cleaning your vehicle’s wheels and tires using a wheel brush and a suitable wheel and tire cleaner.
  • Tools To Use:
    • Wheels: Wheel Brush
    • Tires: Tire Brush
  • Products To Use:
    • Wheels: Isern
    • Tires: Revolve
Step 3: Thoroughly rinse your vehicle from top to bottom.
  • Tools To Use:
    • Pressure Washer (If Available)
      • While using a pressure washer please be careful with the amount of water pressure applied to all surfaces of your vehicle, pressure will vary depending on settings and nozzle selected.
    • Water Hose
Step 4: Foam Cannon (If Not Available Skip To Step 5):
  • Thoroughly spray all vehicle surfaces with foam.
  • Thoroughly rinse all vehicle surfaces again.
    • Tools To Use:
      • Foam Cannon:
        • Matcc – Snow Foam Cannon
    • Products To Use:
      • Polaris
Step 5: Two-Bucket Cleaning Method:
  • Tools To Use:
    • Detailing Buckets
    • Grit Guards
    • Wash Mitt
  • Products To Use:
    • Polaris
  • Utilizing two buckets with a grit guard in each bucket.
    • The first bucket is filled with suitable car wash soap and water.
    • The second bucket is filled with clean water.
  • Begin soaping the entire vehicle one panel at a time.
    • Using wash mitts and the bucket filled with soap and water from the top down.
    • Rinse wash mitts between panels with the bucket filled with clean water (Dump and refill as needed to maintain clean water).
    • Once wash mitts are rinsed, put the mitts back into the bucket with soap and water then wash another panel.
  • Thoroughly rinse the entire vehicle again.
Step 6: Drying:
  • Dry from top to bottom with a large super absorbent drying towel.
    • Tools To Use:
      • Large Microfiber Drying Towel
  • Blow dry the remaining water out of the cracks and crevices.
    • Tools To Use:
      • Car dryer or electric leaf blower
Step 7: Finalizing The Exterior:
  • Finish the wash with your favorite detail spray and an ultra-soft microfiber towel.
    • Tools To Use:
      • Ultra Soft Microfiber Towel
    • Products To Use:
      • Simple or Gleam (M2 Modesta – Coated Cars)
Step 8: Window Cleaning:
  • Spray one window at a time with your favorite window-cleaning spray.
  • Utilizing two towels (the wet and dry towel method)- Wipe with the first towel, then wipe again with the second towel.
    • Tools To Use:
      • Glass Towel
    • Products To Use:
      • Pureview
Step 9: Interior Cleaning:
  • Mist/dampen a towel with interior cleaner.
  • Lightly wipe the dash, center console, and door panels with a towel.
  • Vacuum carpets, floor mats, and seats as needed.
    • Tools To Use:
      • Workhorse Towel (Remove Tag)
    • Products To Use:
      • Core
Step 10: Tire Dressing:
  • Non-Glossy Tire Finish
    • Spray tire dressing on the face of the tire.
    • Let the product sit for approximately one minute.
    • Wipe the face of the tire with a towel to remove excess and distribute the product.
    • Spray the wheel face with detailing spray and a clean towel.
  • Glossy Tire Finish
    • Spray dressing onto the tire brush, and brush the product onto all tires.
    • Wipe with a workhorse towel to remove excess product.
    • Tools To Use:
      • Tire Brush
      • Workhorse Towels
    • Products To Use:
      • Tire
        • Retire (Non-Glossy FInish)
        • Orbit (Glossy Finish)
      • Wheel
        • Gleam

Designed for washing more frequently on cleaner vehicles

Follow manufacturer instructions thoroughly for each type of waterless wash. Instructions will differ depending on the type of waterless wash and manufacturer.

Coated Vehicles – Ceramic Coated Application

  • Regular hand washes are recommended for all vehicles.
  • Yearly ceramic maintenance detail is required to maintain a ceramic warranty.
  • Ceramic Maintenance services are recommended every six months to a year.

Non-Coated Vehicles – Paint Sealant Application

  • Regular hand washes are recommended for all vehicles.
  • Paint Sealant services are recommended every three to six months.

All Vehicles – All Finishes

  • Regular hand washes are recommended for all vehicles.
  • Hand wash and express services are available at Auto Sport Detailing for bi-weekly or monthly maintenance cleaning.
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