Aenso Aquila – Wet Application Sealant

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Aenso Aquila – Wet Application Sealant

Your Ultimate Wet Application Sealant for Superior Vehicle Protection!

Elevate your vehicle’s protection with Aenso Aquila Wet Application Sealant – the ultimate wet application sealant. Achieve long-lasting hydrophobic defense effortlessly by spraying it on a wet surface after washing. Suitable for paint, glass, plastics, and rubber, Aquila simplifies your car care routine. Not for use on soft tops and cabrios. Get Aquila for superior protection today!

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Auto Sport Detailing proudly offers Aenso Aquila, a groundbreaking hydrophobic sealant designed to revolutionize your car’s surface protection. Aquila’s innovative polymer blend is engineered to create a formidable shield on your vehicle, ensuring long-lasting defense against the elements.

Aquila is a game-changer for automotive enthusiasts, delivering unmatched hydrophobic protection. Its application is as effortless as it is effective. Simply spray it onto your vehicle’s wet surface after a thorough wash, and watch as it rapidly spreads, creating a protective layer that endures for several weeks. Say goodbye to the hassle of applying traditional sealants; Aquila simplifies the process and delivers superior results.

The versatility of Aquila is truly remarkable. It can be applied to all common exterior surfaces on your vehicle, including paint, glass, plastics, and rubber. This means you can achieve consistent, all-encompassing protection without the need for multiple products. Aquila is your one-stop solution for safeguarding your vehicle’s appearance.

However, it’s essential to note that Aquila is not suitable for the protection of soft tops and cabrios. Its formulation is tailored to excel on various exterior surfaces, but it may not provide the specific protection required for these specialized areas.

With Aenso Aquila at your disposal, you’ll experience a whole new level of vehicle surface protection. Auto Sport Detailing is your trusted source for Aenso products, and Aquila is no exception. Elevate your car care routine and equip your vehicle with the long-lasting, hydrophobic shield it deserves. Order your Aquila – Wet Application Sealant today and witness the transformation of your vehicle’s exterior. Make protection effortless with Aquila!

If you’re already loving Aquila – Wet Application Sealant, you should definitely consider trying our Ceramic Coating services. Taking your vehicle’s protection to the next level, our Ceramic Coating offers unmatched durability and longevity. It’s the ideal choice for those who demand the best in automotive surface protection. Give it a try and experience a new level of shine and resilience for your cherished vehicle.

Manufacturer’s SDS: Aquila Safety Data Sheet

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Dimensions 10 × 8 × 8 cm

500ML, 5000ML


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