Aenso Polaris – Snow Foam

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Aenso Polaris – Snow Foam

Your Ultimate Automotive Surface Revival Elixir!

Experience the transformative power of Aenso Polaris – Snow Foam. It softens dirt and contaminants, making it gentle for regular maintenance and potent for tough jobs. Easy to use with a foam lance and pressure washer. Reveal your car’s true beauty with Polaris!

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Auto Sport Detailing is delighted to present Aenso Polaris, a universal snow foam designed to bring your vehicle’s surfaces back to life. This powerful solution is a true game-changer when it comes to maintaining and restoring the beauty of your motor vehicle. Whether you’re performing regular maintenance or dealing with heavy contamination, Polaris is your go-to product.

Polaris stands out as a versatile solution, capable of softening dirt and removing various contaminants that mar the surfaces of your vehicle. What makes it truly remarkable is its adaptability; depending on the dosage, Polaris can be both gentle enough for regular maintenance and powerful enough to strip heavy contamination when used at a higher concentration. This flexibility ensures that your vehicle’s surfaces receive the precise care and treatment they require.

Utilizing Aenso Polaris is a breeze. Simply add 1ml of Polaris to 10ml of water in a foam lance and ensure thorough mixing until the solution is completely dissolved. With the foam lance in hand, spray the rich foam generously over your car’s surfaces, allowing it to react and work its magic. Finally, wash away the foam and contaminants with a pressure washer, revealing a refreshed and pristine finish. However, be cautious not to leave Polaris on the vehicle for an extended period.

Auto Sport Detailing is your trusted source for Aenso products, and Aenso Polaris – Snow Foam is no exception. Elevate your vehicle’s surface maintenance routine and experience the convenience and excellence of this exceptional product. Order your Aenso Polaris today and watch as it transforms your car, providing unmatched cleaning and revitalization with each use. Make your vehicle shine with the universal brilliance of Polaris!

Unleash the ultimate shine with our with our Classic Detail, where brilliance meets precision in every wash.

Manufacturer’s SDS: Polaris Safety Data Sheet

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Weight 1.25 kg
Dimensions 10 × 8 × 8 cm

500ML, 5000ML


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